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Monday, 5/4
Chapter 1-6
-How do you feel about each of the
characters so far? Especially Holden-do you like him?
-What is the significance of this quote? " I'm the most
terrific liar you ever saw in your life."
-Why does Holden always repeat words and phrases?
-What are some of the most important quotes or plot lines
so far?
-What motifs/themes/symbols have you noticed?
-How are names important?

Ackerman's comments
  • Salinger is a very private person
  • He's still living
  • CitR has been banned multiple times because of language and profanities
  • Holden and Salinger share many similarities
Wednesday, 5/6
~What do you think about the lies that Holden continues to tell?
~Why does Holden feel the need to call and talk to someone? And why do you think he chickens out from calling Jane?
~Do you think he ever thinks about the fact that his lies could eventually turn around on him when people realize the truth?
~What do these lies say about the author and his life?
~What is the significance of the couple spitting water in each other's faces?
~Remembering what we talked about on Monday, what do you think about his description of his little sister? What do you think about her one possible flaw?
~Why was Jane the only person he ever showed Allie's baseball glove to?
~What do you think seems to be the main problem of Holden's life?
~Why do you think Holden is not happy with his life?
~Holden seems to never think about himself, he's constantly thinking of someone else, usually another girl.
Friday, 5/8
Chapter 13-18
Olivia's Questions:
Why is Holden so rebellious to Maurice? Does he want to get beat up?
Why does Holden regret not giving more money to the nuns?
What causes him to be so fond of Phoebe?
Why is Holden so scornful of every other person in the human race?
Why are Holden's actions so random? Why does he follow his every whim?
Why does Holden call up Sally for a date if he can't stand her, and why does he refuse to call Jane?
Do you think things will get better for Holden, or does he set himself up for failure, and why?

Amanda's questions:
What connections can you make so far between this book and the previous units this semester?
Why do you think that Maurice stands up for Sunny, a prostitute, the way he did?
Why does Holden relate things back to the movies if he hates them so much? (end of chapter 14)
What is the significance of Holden never being able to sleep?
What inferences can you make about Holden's family?
What is the irony of the selfish nuns?
What is the significance of Phoebe's wisdom at a young age?

Ackerman's comments

Ackerman's comments
Holden follows his every whim without a second thought.
Hey group, get ready for an awesome starting activity Friday, courtesy Amanda and Olivia!
I hope you guys like it!
Monday, 5/11
Questions: Jungian based and written and directed by: Matt.

  1. If Holden is the Persona, who or what is the shadow?
  2. The anima?
  3. What is the archetypal importance of the color red, and how does it relate to the story?
  4. Could the park represent the archetypal garden?
  5. If water symbolizes rebirth, what is the significance of holden dunking his head in the water?
  6. Could Holden be the archetypal hero?
  7. Is pheobe an archetype?
  8. Also, could the unbalancing factor still be Allie's death?
  9. Red can represent sacrafice in certain archetypes...
  10. He describes himself as yellow at various parts in the book, and yellow represents cowardlyness, could Holden really be a coward for something deeper?

Ackerman's comments

Wednesday, 5/13
1.What Does Phoebe do in the short time she spends with Holden to change his mind about leaving New York?
2.What are some of the things that the red hat could represent in the story?
3.What does it mean to Holden to be the catcher in the rye?
4. How could he live out this idea in the real world?
5.Do you think that holden is better or worse off because of the experiences he describes in this book?
6. Did Holden ever let go of the past in this book?
7.What is the symbol behind the obscene words that Holden finds?
8.What is the significance of the places that he finds the words in? The school? The museum?
9.Why does Holden get so angry at Phoebe for wanting to go with him?
10. What does money symbolize in this book?

11. What is Salinger trying to say about teenagers in this book?
12. How do you connect this book to your life?
13. Would the book be the same or different if it was rewritten today?
14. What statements about life is Salinger making?
15. Why does the story end where it does? What is Holden leaving out and why?
16. Which character do you most connect with in this story?
17. What do we know about his parents? Why don't we know more?
18. Does Holden change by the end of the book? If so, how? If not, why?
19. Have you ever had a tramatic experience like Holden? How did it affect you?
20. Is Holden a Catcher in the Rye? Does Holden need to be caught by someone else?
Luke Zafferani
Symbolism Critic

Ackerman's comments

Zach Herzog
Modern Connections
Ackerman's comments