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My personal philosophy: I believe people run away from what they fear the most in their lives. Whenever someone is afraid or if they are uncertain of the future, they will run away until they either get away from what they fear or until he/she finds their " safe haven". It is human nature to flee and run away.

Awe-stricken, and with a creeping shudder,
To turn and run,
To go into solitude.

Whimpering with fear,
She took the midnight train,
Going anywhere.

To leave, at once
From that chamber,
From that mansion.

Wilson running away from himself

Spending our whole lives running,
But that is how it got to be.
To rather run, then stay and see
The truth.
It is better to not always know the truth

Your conformity explains nothing
With the belief that you can’t
Bear the pain.
What if you are too different? What if the pain is too much?

A zigzag line of a hundred tracks,
Living in a lonely world.
I was determined to be off.

I have run,
I have crawled,
I am going, I am going,
I have finally taken a step.

At the deep hollow note
Of the church-bell breaking.
Faster and faster,
To create a place
That is my own world.
One can escape to their own world!!

Don't ever look back.
Leave the past,
To better days,
A hiding place.

Take me away,
Take me away.

Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller


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